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Do you want to eat all cells in your agario game without falling a prey to bigger cells? The newly released agar.io hack gives every gamer the opportunity to eat other small cells without being noticed. With the hack, you can now collect pellets around with great invisibility allowing your cell to grow in size in a matter of minutes. Remember that if a larger player eats you up, they’ll get bigger and you will have to start over again. The agar.io online hack works on various platforms including Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera. There is also the agario hack APK code for android devices and another code for iOS devices. So, whether you are using a computer or a tablet or a smartphone to play, this hack will work for you. Now, let us see how this hack works, the benefits, do’s and don'ts and other things you must know to get you started.

Getting to the #1 on the Leaderboards

The dream of every Agar.io player is to get to that number one spot on the leaderboards. As a player, this means accumulating mass by eating smaller cells and collecting pellets until you become the one with the largest mass. That sounds straightforward and easy, but that is not the case. As you advance, bigger cells may consume your cell. Note that your mass reduces with time if you don’t prey on other cells, and preying means exposing yourself to other bigger cells. Also, as you grow bigger, your speed reduces, meaning that you can’t evade your enemies swiftly. At times, you may have to split up your cell (only possible when you have a score of 150 in mass and above) when you become too slow or eject some mass for you to speed up.

Slow speed, difficulty in accumulating mass and invisibility are the key things that if avoided, can make you to #1 position without having to sweat. This is where the agar.io cheats come in. This hack makes you invisible, doubles up your score and increases your speed even as you keep growing by mass.

Your cell normally starts out with an invisible mass number of 10 and every pellet you consumer boosts your mass by 1. Your score is basically a record of the highest mass you managed to reach in a particular agario session. The leaderboards show players with the highest mass numbers and not scores. The agar io cheats give you three core advantages over other players playing without the hack: speed,zoom option, double size, invisibility & agario bot.


The speed hack enables you to move faster even as your mass grows. You’ll become faster than most players and they won’t catch you. After downloading and installing the code for your browser or mobile device, you can now speed up or slow down regardless of your mass size.


The agar.io hack lets you set your opacity level of your cell to make you invisible. Depending on the hack you choose, you can set the opacity level up to -10 making you roam around eating up pellets and small cells without getting noticed. After installing the hack just activate your invisibility.

Agar io Bot

The hack enables you to add bots who can play on your behalf. You can add up to twenty bots once within 10 seconds. Set the number of bots that you want after opening the application.


With this option, you can see more of the map than what you’re normally allowed. The greatest thing is that your opponents won’t identify that you’re getting a better view than them.

Double Size

This hack enables you to double up your score with every cell you eat. This allows you to become bigger and dominate the game. Normally, eating a cell increases your score, but with this hack, when you eat one cell, your score increases by 2.

Splitting Cells

Sometimes the whole thing of collecting pellets and avoiding bigger cells becomes boring. With agar.io bots you can split your cell into a half. You can send one-half forward to capture a fleeing cell(s). But this will work best for big players.

Using the Agario Hacks

You need to choose your username, region, game mode and fill the space for captcha to get you going. Connect to agario with the exact details you signed up with for the hack to work. After successful agar.io hack download, you must connect on agar.io within 15 minutes for this hack to be activated. Whenever you want to change your details, such as the username, you must generate a new agar.io bot.

Also, don't forget to look for the agar io hack coins to help you generate more coins without having to hassle much. Note that, you must not do some survey before using a hack because there is agar.io hack no survey that enables you to start right away without having to fill tons of online surveys.